Elite Krav Maga - Israeli Combat Method
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krav maga events

krav maga events

our courses and seminars

  1. Self Defense for Women (Defense against sexual assaults and kidnapping attempts)
  2. Law enforcement and military kravmaga course
  3. Bodyguard Course
  4. Detective work and surveillance course
  5. Elite krav maga instructors course ( hosted outside of Israel)
  6. International Krav Maga Instructors course by Elite Kravmaga and Wingate institute (held in Israel)
  7. Cold Steel and knife protection Seminars
  8. Kubotan fighting seminar (Self Defense seminar with Kubotan)
  9. Defense Against Weapons (guns and rifle) seminars
  10. Club & Pub attack ( Dedicated self-defense course for the nightlife scene)
  11. Anti "carjacking" seminar ( Dedicated self-defense course for attack in cars and kidnapping attempts)
  12. Tactical and practical "everyday" weapon seminar ( how to use an everyday tools for self defense)
  13. Counter terror courses
  14. self-defense seminar for Jewish communities
  15. tour and train in israel
  16. Night Clubs and Pubs Bouncers course

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