Elite Krav Maga - Israeli Combat Method
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krav maga events

krav maga events

self-defense seminar for Jewish communities

self-defense seminar for Jewish communitiesThe increased radical Islam and anti-Semitic acts of violence in Europe damage the personal security of the European Jews

Elite Krav Maga (EKM) is an Israeli organization that specializes in training a unique and advanced self-defense method.

We offer you to have a special self-defense seminar for Jewish communities by Elite Krav Maga with the Master Matan Bochner (a self defense expert, chief instructor and founder of Elite Krav Maga (EKM) and combat officer SWAT team (reserves) of the IDF).

The seminar content includes a variety of defense systems against threats and stabbing attempts with a various weapons, defending against kidnapping and robbery attempts , defense against all types of violence (suitable for all persons).

The seminars can be held in your community or alternatively as part of an organized visit in Israel.

contact us today and order a seminar

Land lind (ISRAEL) ++972-77-788-0502

or by mail : matan@elite-combat.co.il

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