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Be our representative

Elite Krav Maga organization is willing to teach anyone interested in learning self-defense and advanced combat methods. We allow martial arts instructors to learn and teach the Elite Krav Maga method and actually be the representatives of Krav Maga Elite in their country.

Be our representative - the benefits

As a representative of Elite Krav Maga you can be a part of modern Israeli organization and be recognized as the representative of the authentic Israeli Krav Maga method. Also all your students will be recognized as students in Elite Krav Maga method.

In addition, a representative enjoys an advanced & professional modern combat techniques which are adjusted regularly to the dangers of modern life (civil and security)

Come and join us and be part of the skilled Israeli Krav Maga organization, authentic and mostly developed and optimized for new dangers.

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Elite Kravmaga and Self defense
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