EKM Fighter Challenge
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EKM Fighter Challenge



The EKM Fighter Challenge is a special program by EKM Elite Kravmaga that challenges the body and the spirit of the participants during a full Israeli Military Bootcamp style week.

In that week the participants will challenge their body and their spirint, they will have to overcome physical and mental obstacles in a full Out door training hardcore week.

The EKM Fighter Challenge program is :

1. Special Elite Krav Maga training

2. Counter Terror Training

3. CQB / CQC training

4. K9 training

5. Tactical Paintball shooting

6. Kubotan training

7. field training

8. Military Double Marches (Around sea of galille , Jerusalem , Sharon Area)

9. Marine Challenge , Field Challenge , Forest Challenge, Capture challenge

10. Camping

11. Tourisim (in Most popular places : Jerusalem , Sea Of galilee , Tel Aviv , historical and Epic battle zones)

The graduated fighters will have the honor to receive and wear the EKM Fighter Challenge Patch


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