Self-defense for women
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Self-defense for women

Elite Krav Maga is an Israeli combative martial art that combines the wisdom of the street with advanced counterterrorism methods (CQC/CQB), taken from the Israeli security forces (IDF (Israeli army), Israel Police, Border Police (magav).

Elite Krav Maga is learned in martial art schools,  self-defense seminars for state employees in government offices, municipalities, municipal authorities and women's organizations.  Elite Krav Maga is the most effective combat method adjusted for self-defense for women.

We offer you a unique seminar by elite Krav Maga that focuses on self-defense for women against sexual assault, rape attempts, kidnapping attempts, mugging attempts and more ...

The seminar program (outside Israel)
Day 1 - Basic Elite Krav Maga technique / Releases against strangling and embracing.
Day 2 - Advanced defenses against a knife attack / Defenses against stick attacks / Releases from kidnapping attempts.
Day 3 - Releases from attacks on the ground / advanced defenses against knife threats /  defenses against gunpoint threats.

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Elite Kravmaga and Self defense
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