Elite Krav Maga - Israeli Combat Method
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krav maga events

krav maga events

logo2015.jpg Elite Krav Maga is a revolutionary Israeli combat method that brings the simplicity of the street fight and it incorporates advanced combat abilities taken from the counter-terrorism methods of the IDF and Israeli police. the system provides a response to effective and well trained attacker   Read More...
Elite Krav Maga
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Elite Krav Maga
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Welcome to the website of the Israeli fighting organization "Elite Krav Maga".
Elite Krav Maga is an Israeli organization that provides combat training and self-defense unique methods in Israel and abroad.

Our main training bases are located in Israel. We teach thousands of students annually, including government agencies, municipal bodies, public and private companies and students in weekly Krav Maga training.

In addition, we are able to instruct unique fighting seminars by our method anywhere in the world. We are now in the process of opening representative clubs of Elite Krav Maga in Europe and the United States.

The Heads of the Elite Krav Maga organization is Master Matan Bochner. Expert in fighting and self-defense with over 26 years experience in martial arts and holds a large number of black belts in different martial art methods. Master Matan Bochner is the chief instructor and founder of Elite Krav Maga. Master Matan Bochner is a former officer and a captain in the in the IDF in a special counter-terrorism unit.

Elite Krav Maga specializes in developing creative solutions for defense and warfare techniques for various sectors such as: Self defense techniques for medical personnel in hospitals, Self defense techniques for social workers against violent attacks, Techniques and methods of takeover and arrests for police and military police, Self Defense for Women and Special commando training and tactical combat with the hands as a weapon for special units